“Earth laughs in flowers”-– Ralph Waldo Emerson

White Peonies and Poppies

White Peonies and Poppies Oil ©Kathy Anderson 2017

I had the pleasure of visiting the Denver Botanical Gardens with a special new friend. The profusion of colors and artfully designed flower beds charmed each of us, and I sensed that the mood of those touring the gardens seemed equally joyful!

In my opinion, Kathy Anderson’s still life and floral paintings evoke the same feelings. Her art brings delight to the viewer and I believe it’s because her oil paintings convey her passion for vivid colors, flowers, gardens, birds, and animals.

Early on Kathy learned gardening from her mother. “I have strong memories from my childhood home of red roses growing on a fence and white peonies planted in her beautiful garden beds.” She added, “So it was a natural transition for me to plant a garden when my husband John and I bought our first home.”

Kathy grew vegetables and flowers, canned and froze the produce, and painted the flowers–using water-color paints in those early days. “When I first started painting, birds and animals were my pre-dominant subjects along with flowers. Now, I’m feeling more and more inspired to include birds in my oils. I like to depict them as naturally as I can, sometimes hiding as they would be in their natural habitat.”

One example is Kathy’s new oil for our upcoming Autumn 2017 Show, Messengers of Joy.

Chickadee and Winterberry, 10x12 (2)

“Chickadee and Winterberry,” Oil 10×12 ©Kathy Anderson 2017  SOLD

And here’s another bird and still life painting, shown here in a 22 Karat- gold leaf frame.


“Blue Bird Song” Oil 9″ x 12″ ©Kathy Anderson 2016

In 2000, Richard Schmid purchased one of her oils at an outdoor art festival in Sherman, Connecticut where he was also giving a painting demonstration.  To her great delight, Richard invited Kathy to join the Putney Painters at the Village Arts of Putney! “In the ensuing years, Richard Schmid and his wife, artist Nancy Guzik have become life-long friends. They opened a world to me that I cherish.”

Nancy Richard and Kathycorrected copy photo by Kristen

Nancy Guzik, Richard Schmid and Kathy Anderson -Photo ©Kristen Thies 2015

When asked, for the name of her favorite flower Kathy replied, “Pansies are my favorite of course, followed by roses, but for me it’s more about following the blooming season–Spring daffodils, tulips, apple blossoms, lilacs, followed by peonies, and poppies.”

Blue McCoy and Lillies ©Kathy Anderson 2016

“Blue McCoy and Lillies” Oil 12″ x 9″ ©Kathy Anderson 2016

“In summer I grow zinnias, sweet pea, hollyhocks, nasturtiums, cosmos and then later on in the season, I love to see sunflowers and lillies in full bloom.”










In June 2017 I traveled out to Vermont to see Richard Schmid and the Putney Painters to celebrate Nancy Guzik’s Birthday. The peonies and poppies were stunningly beautiful!

I took this photo of Kathy painting her latest floral titled “A Love of Poppies.”

Kathy painting at PP

Kathy Anderson painting red poppies at the Putney Painters, Photo ©Kristen Thies June 2017

And here is an image of her finished oil!

Kathy Anderson-A Love of Poppies, 14x10

“A Love of Poppies” Oil 14″ x 10″ ©Kathy Anderson 2017  SOLD

To see more of Kathy’s paintings in person, please join us for West Wind Fine Art’s Autumn 2017 Show titled, Messengers of Joy. Kathy Anderson will be present at the Opening Artists’ reception at my gallery on October 7, 2017 in Colorado Springs.

For an invitation, please send me an email with your snail mail address.

In addition to Kathy’s new oils, our show will showcase paintings by Richard Schmid,  Nancy Guzik, Daniel J. Keys, and guest artists, Scott Burdick, Stephanie Birdsall, Michelle Dunaway, Susan Lyon, and British artist Sean Jefferson. We’re also proud to show bronze sculpture by George Carlson.

And new to our gallery, “Elk Forest Lodge Tables,” designed by Bob Fidel using burled Redwood and Elk antlers gathered by hand in the vast mountains of remote Montana. The tables are beautifully hand-crafted by his partner Rocky. For more info. please visit,

Wishing you and yours a beautiful late summer filled with laughter and joy!

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