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Wisdom & the Dreamer: Achieving Fulfillment in the Arts  © Kristen Thies 2005

wisdom-the-dreamer-front-coverKristen Thies, the author of “Wisdom and the Dreamer is also the CEO and owner of WestWindFineArt.com a highly successful on line Art gallery. In addition, she is a graphic designer, publicist, and video producer. Kristen has devoted her life to help uplift and inspire people by promoting the beauty and power of fine art.

In 2006, Kristen wrote, designed, and published Wisdom & the Dreamer: Achieving Fulfillment in the Arts, which includes thirty full-color re- productions of paintings by foremost artist and author Richard Schmid, his wife the artist Nancy Guzik, and her late husband Timothy R. Thies, who passed away in 2010, and one bronze by George Carlson.


A Bookwire Review described the bestselling book, Wisdom and the Dreamer: Achieving Fulfillment in the Arts, as “A marvelous combination of practicality, encouragement, and stirring inspiration…”

Richard Schmid wrote: ” After many years of working with Kristen Thies, I have come to realize that anything is possible to achieve provided one has the imagination and willingness to work hard.”–Richard Schmid, internationally renowned artist and author of the best selling books, Alla Prima I and Alla Prima II- Everything I Know About Painting and More and The Landscapes. Published by Stove Prairie Press, LLC.

“Wisdom & the Dreamer: Achieving fulfillment in the Arts, gently nudges you forward into your life as an artist, encouraging you to follow your dreams and your path–whatever that may be… With art experience ranging from successful gallery owner to being the wife of an artist, and also the marketing director for painter Richard Schmid, Kristen understands the nuances of making a living in the art world.” –Sandra Carpenter, writer specializing in the arts, and former editorial director of The Artists Magazine.

“Kristen Thies true to herself and all others, and empowered by actual deep belief in the power and possibility of life dreams is like a great painting’s canvas: behind the scene, easily overlooked or forgotten–but the sure and solid foundation upon which the best things in the art world–and in life–are built.”  –Paul Soderberg, novelist, and former editor of Art-Talk.

To order Wisdom and the Dreamer: Achieving Fulfillment in the Arts by Kristen Thies, please visit this link at westwindfineart.com.

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