Richard Schmid— A Tribute by Kristen Thies


“I seek what I love about a subject and try to convey it honestly. -RS

“The Breakers, Isle of Monhegan, Maine” oil, 12” x 18” © Richard Schmid 1964

October 2021

At the height of his long and distinguished career during which he achieved the honor of winning nearly every major art award in the United States, including the Medal of Honor from the prestigious Salmagundi Club of New York City, the $100,000 National Arts for the Parks award, and the John Singer Sargent Medal for Lifetime Achievement—Richard Schmid experienced every new painting as a process of discovery.  

Richard once said, “I seek what I love about a subject and try to convey it honestly. As I have grown as an artist, I have found I have the capacity to see more. The more I see, the more I find to paint, and the more I wish to convey on canvas. It’s an unstoppable sequence—And that’s the adventure.”

One of the paintings featured in my gallery’s autumn on-line show, and in American Art Collector’s October 2021 issue, “Hobb Green Breakfast,” is among Richard’s most iconic oils of his wife artist, Nancy Guzik. He was inspired to create it during a trip to Yorkshire, England where the pair stayed at a Manor House and estate.  In his book, ALLA PRIMA II, Richard wrote, “I painted Nancy many times from life in similar settings, but since I could not bring myself to ask our hosts for permission to actually paint her in their dining room, this painting was done from a photo.”

“Hobb Green Breakfast— Yorkshire, England” oil, 10 x 18, © Richard Schmid 1994

However, Richard will always be known for the paintings he created directly from life and  “The Breakers, Isle of Monhegan, Maine,” clearly illustrates his love of adventure.

He traveled to the windswept island and did a few seascapes during several plein air painting trips to Monhegan in the 1960’s. The small, rocky island ten miles from the nearest mainland is scarcely a square mile in area.  It is accessible only by boat and is primarily a walking island. Since the 1800s, the island’s two primary economies are fishing and tourism.  The name Monhegan comes from the Native American Maliseet language and means the out-to-sea island. The Monhegan Museum, displays Native American artifacts dating back thousands of years.

According to my friend artist Daniel Ambrose, “Richard’s painting captures the variety and complexity of the subtle warm and cool tones and textures in what at first appears to be a simple composition. He truly was a master.” “The Breakers, Isle of Monhegan, Maine” oil, 12” x 18”, 1964 (image above).

The third Schmid oil featured in my online show is titled, “White Begonias,” an arrangement of flowers that were Nancy’s gift to Richard in1990. His still life set-up, composed of white blossoms on a white table cloth, next to two white porcelain bowls complement the pink rose buds and delft blue colors. To my way of thinking, his oil is one of the finest examples of his mastery of color, composition, and oil paint.

“White Begonias” oil, 12” x 20,” © Richard Schmid 1990.

Sadly, Richard passed away on April 18th at the age of 86. He was my dear friend for over twenty years and I feel privileged to represent his figures, still life, and landscape paintings since he invited me to become his Fine Art Representative and Executive Assistant in1998.

I’ve curated this virtual show to honor his legacy and his exceptional artwork. Richard Schmid was a true virtuoso, a friend and mentor, and a magnificent man…

Kristen Thies- Curating Fine Art Collections with Integrity Since 1998

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For more information on the virtual worldwide tribute for Richard by his wife Nancy Guzik, please visit:

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REFLECTIONS ON A TRIBUTE TO RICHARD SCHMID: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of his Best-Selling Books, Alla Prima I & II

“I view painting, and indeed all the arts, as a language: it is a very powerful means of saying something that cannot be expressed in any other way… It’s your path, do it joyfully.”

                                                                                 -Richard Schmid-New Hampshire Studio 2017

To mark the 20th Anniversary of the publication of Alla Prima I and II,  I hosted and curated A Tribute to Richard Schmid Show as an expression of gratitude to Richard. And also because bringing creative people together to share the beauty of fine art brings me great joy!

     The show, held at the Laumeister Art Center in Bennington, VT, consisted of thirteen masterworks by Richard Schmid on loan from private and museum collections, and five pieces from Richard and Nancy Guzik’s own collection that have rarely been seen by the public.

     The exhibition also included paintings and drawings by eight of Richard’s protégé’s – Nancy Guzik, Kathy Anderson, Stephanie Birdsall, Scott Burdick, Michelle Dunaway, Daniel J. Keys, Susan Lyon, and the late Timothy R. Thies.

     I also moderated a panel discussion with Scott, Susan, Stephanie, Kathy, Michelle, Daniel, and Nancy which brought to light two of their favorite Schmid paintings underscoring the reasons for their inspiration–Richard’s incomparable artistry, masterful drawing, handling of edges, values, and composition.

Kristen and The Artists on stage at Richard Schmid Tribute 9:22.18 jpeg

Kristen Thies, Daniel J. Keys, Kathy Anderson, Scott Burdick, Susan Lyon, Michele Dunaway, Noel Hemon (visiting artist from Switzerland), Nancy Guzik, Stephanie Birdsall, and Adriano & Daniela Trevisan (also visiting from Switzerland), on stage after the panel discussion with Richard Schmid’s portrait sketch, projected onto the large theatre screen.


Kathy, Michelle & Daniel- Panel Disussion 9-2-18

Kathy Anderson, Michelle Dunaway & Daniel Keys–Panel Discussion

Scott, Susan, Stephanie panel disussion 9-22-18

Scott Burdick, Susan Lyon & Stephanie Birdsall–Panel Discussion


Here are a few of my favorite photos highlighting the Exhibition:

Dan & his audience- Bennington, VT 2018 jpeg

Daniel J. Keys entertaining his audience during his digital lecture and demo. in the Laumeister Art Center’s Theatre. 9/23/18

Artists with Richard's portrait sketch of Symi Jackson

David Nichols, Kristen Thies, Susan Lyon, Scott Burdick, Kathy Anderson, Nancy Guzik holding Richard Schmid, Portrait Sketch of Symi Jackson of Rosemary & Co Brushes, Michelle Dunaway, Stephanie Birdsall, Julie Rosa, Carol and Grace Arnold.

Burdick Turquoise Shawl oil 14 by 11.jpeg

“Turquoise Shawl” Oil ©Scott Burdick 2018

“The Dance of Autumn Colors” Oil ©Scott Burdick 2018



“Yellow Bellied Sapsucker” & “Apple Blossoms in Tiffany” Oils by Kathy Anderson 2018

Obsessions & Just Because Oils ©Stephanie Birdsall 2018

“Obsessions” and “Just Because” Oils ©Stephanie Birdsall 2018


Daniel's oils in the show

Daniel Keys with “Dutch Bouquet, “Sunflowers & Peaches,” and “Pansies sketch oils in the show.


“Dorset Falls, “Winter Maple,” & Winter Birch, “Paintings by Timothy R. Thies with “Portrait Sketch of Tim Thies” ©Richard Schmid 2001, (2nd from left). 

Nancy Guzik with her oils in the show plus, "Enchantment gifted to the Laumeister Art Center in memory of Captain John Adams. jpg

Nancy Guzik with her oils in the show plus, “Enchantment” Oil 30″x 64″ gifted to the Laumeister Art Center’s permanent collection in memory of Captain John Adams. Donated by Rosemary & CO Brushes; West Wind Fine Art, LLC;  Judy & Paul Stach; Kathy & John Anderson; and The Putney Painters of Village Arts of Putney.


“Nancy in Rocky Mountain National Park” and Nancy Reading” ©Richard Schmid


“Sketch of Abbotsford-The Home of Sir Walter Scott” ©Richard Schmid 2012


“Nancy & Friends” Oil © Richard Schmid 2014  – A select few of Richard Schmid’s Oils in the Exhibition…

IMG_5494 (1)

“Rub My Tummy” and “Wishing Upon a Star,” Charcoal & White Chalk by Susan Lyon with Richard Schmid’s “Portrait Sketch of Susan Lyon.”

Apples oil ©Richard Schmid. jpg

“Apples” oil ©Richard Schmid on loan from the KT Wiedemann Foundation’s Collection–At Mark Arts, Wichita, KS

Nancy in Scotland Oil © Richard Schmid 2005

“Nancy in Scotland” Oil ©Richard Schmid- On loan from a Private Collection


Life Size “Portrait of Richard Schmid” Oil ©Michelle Dunaway 2018


Portrait Sketch of “Captain John Adams” – ©Richard Schmid 2001


“Captain John’s Orchard” Oil ©Richard Schmid 2016-Putney, VT


“Captain Adams House,”© Richard Schmid, on loan from a private collection.


Richard and Nancy in Wapole, NH copy

Richard Schmid & Nancy Guzik in their New England Garden–2017

In closing, I’m grateful to all the participating artists, to the great people at Southern Vermont College, President David Evans,  Eric Despard, and Kimberly Gould who run the Laumeister Art Center, to our generous Sponsors, The KT Wiedemann Foundation, Inc., Rosemary and Symi Jackson of Rosemary & CO Brushes, Josh Rose, Editor American Art Collector, and to Nancy Guzik and Molly Schmid of Stove Prairie Press, LLC.

Thanks to all of our collectors, Doug & Caroline Pringle, Judy & Paul Stach, Stephanie Birdsall Trust, The Kristen Thies Revocable Trust, Mary Linda & Jay Strotkamp, Penelope Adams, Founder Village Arts of Putney, and of course to Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik for the generous loan of their paintings….

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All my best,

Kristen Thies–Curating Fine Art Collections With Integrity Since 1998


3038 Captain John's Orchard ©R. Schmid,jpg

“CAPTAIN JOHN’S ORCHARD” Oil, ©Richard Schmid 2016

“The earth is round so that friendship may encircle it.”

     Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French philosopher

     There are rare individuals who capture our hearts with grace, wit, and charm–undoubtedly, Captain John Adams was such a man. For the past twenty years Captain John and Richard Schmid were best friends. They met by chance when John and his wife Penelope paid a visit to the new owners of a property on Ginseng Hill previously owned by her parents. The historic 1799 Colonial house, happened to be Richard Schmid’s and Nancy Guzik’s new home in Brattleboro, VT.

 The ensuing friendship ultimately resulted in the founding of The Putney Painters’ fine art studio, set up in John and Penelope’s three-story barn–known today as Village Arts of Putney. 

Originally from England, John Adams was a distinguished Tall Ship Captain and in his later years, a master gardener. He became a devoted friend to Richard and Nancy and all of the Putney Painters. Everyone loved his British accent, and he greeted each person who walked through the ‘Barn’ doors with unsurpassed charm and kindness. 

In 2000 John agreed to sit for Richard’s portrait demonstration professionally filmed before a live audience at the Arkill Pavilion in Manchester, Vermont. The resulting DVD titled, THE CAPTAIN’S PORTRAIT, captures glimpses of their close friendship and respect for one another. For those of you who’ve never seen the iconic DVD, it’s a ‘must’ to add to your library or holiday wish list.

When I first set out to present A TRIBUTE TO RICHARD SCHMID EXHIBITION, I had no way of knowing that John would pass away this summer at age 88, due to failing health. However, I’m so happy the show I’ve curated includes three of Richard’s oils inspired by his friendship with Captain John, his home, and his orchard.

Richard’s portrait sketch of “CAPTAIN JOHN ADAMS,” is generously being loaned to the exhibition from Penelope Adams’ private collection.  It captures John’s quite grace and I’m delighted it will be a part of the show.


Captain John Adams, Penelope Adams, Owners, Village Arts of Putney, with Nancy Guzik & Richard Schmid, Vermont 2017. Photo ©Kristen Thies 2017

The next painting on loan titled, CAPTAIN JOHN’S HOUSE, – Putney, Vermont” oil 16 x 20 is featured in Richard’s newest book, THE LANDSCAPES–ENHANCED EDITION, on page 110.

Captain John Adams was also a close friend to Nancy Guzik and so it’s entirely fitting that one of Nancy’s most beautiful oils will be a part of this exhibition, along with artworks by seven other painters. All are Richard’s protege’s and members of the Putney Painters: Kathy Anderson, Scott Burdick, Stephanie Birdsall, Michelle Dunaway, Daniel J. Keys, Susan Lyon, and the late Timothy R. Thies.

Nancy’s oil, “Enchantment” Oil 30” x 64” is being gifted to Southern Vermont College, the new owners of The Laumeister Art Center, formally known as The Bennington Center for the Arts in Bennington, VT.  The painting will be unveiled at the Artist’s Reception on Saturday, September 22. A plaque in memory of Captain John Adams noting the names of all the donors, will be placed next to the painting which will reside in The Laumeister Art Center’s permanent collection. Donors are, The Putney Painters, Rosemary & CO Brushes, Kathy & John Anderson, Judy & Paul Stach, and West Wind Fine Art, LLC.


“ENCHANTMENT” Oil 30″ x 64″ ©Nancy Guzik 2014-2018

The TRIBUTE is my way of expressing my deep respect and admiration for Richard in honor of the 20th Anniversary of his landmark books, ALLA PRIMA and the Expanded Edition, ALLA PRIMA II. It’s also my way of showing gratitude for our longtime friendship. And, it’s a celebration of Richard’s art, his life, and the beauty he’s shared with artists and collectors worldwide. I sincerely hope you’ll join us for this historic exhibition and event…

For more information on the schedule and to obtain seats for the event please visit:  The show opens on Sept. 22 and includes a panel discussion on Richard’s masterworks by Kathy Anderson, Scott Burdick, Stephanie Birdsall, Michelle Dunaway, Daniel J. Keys, and Susan Lyon, followed by The Richard Schmid Film Festival and the Artist’s reception. Then on Sunday, Sept 23, Daniel Keys will present a digital lecture and Alla Prima Painting the Center’s State of the Art Theatre.

To read Josh Rose’s feature, “A Life in Art,” regarding “West Wind Fine Art’s Tribute to Richard Schmid,” visit The article published in the September 2018 issue, includes images of paintings by Nancy Guzik, Kathy Anderson, Stephanie Birdsall, and Scott Burdick, along with a floral by Richard Schmid.

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Kristen - Christmas 2017

All my best, Kristen Thies,

Curating Fine Art Collections With Integrity Since 1998

SPRING 2018 NEWS! Plus, WEST WIND FINE ART’S TRIBUTE to RICHARD SCHMID Show & Event: Bennington Vermont, September 22 & 23, 2018

Spring is life. Spring is Hope. So is love and happiness. Spring renews…

– from Spring by Poet Archie Greenidge

After a long, snowy winter, Mr. Greenidge’s poem perfectly describes several new and inspiring Springtime events!

The first took place in Santa Fe, NM April 16-19 during the 7th Annual Plein Air Convention when ERIC RHOADS, publisher extraordinaire of Plein Air Magazine, invited me to be a Faculty member. During Eric’s early morning “Marketing Bootcamp,” our discussion focused on important key points for serving as an artist’s agent. Eric asked me to describe these from my perspective as emissary for Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik.


Eric Rhoads, Kristen Thies, and Buddy Odom. 7th Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo.-Santa Fe, NM 4/17/18

Eric also interviewed Buddy Odom who has assumed the job of marketing for his wife, Plein Air painter and teacher, Katie Odom.


There were 1000 Plein Air Painters in the audience and afterwards, quite a few women artists thanked me for my encouraging words and marketing advice. Since my passion and a part of my mission is to advocate for Nature’s beauty by promoting Representational Painting, I was touched and quite impressed by the number of artists in the growing Plein Air movement, who are inspired to perfect their own paintings and careers.

Only a few days later, DANIEL J. KEYS, one of Richard Schmid’s protege’s, won the Draper Award at the Art of The Portrait Conference, in Washington, DC, for his oil, “Innocence”  40″ x 45″. We are all extremely proud of Daniel and I’m delighted to represent his beautiful and magical paintings!

The Portrait Society of America held it’s 2018 International Portrait Competition April 19th to 22nd. In their 20th year, this annual competition brought in over 2,700 visual submissions, From this group, 24 original paintings were chosen to be displayed at The Art of the Portrait Conference, including Michelle Dunaway’s masterful life size portrait of Richard Schmid!  Daniel Keys oil painting “Innocence” was chosen for the Draper Grand Prize! Along with this award, Daniel received a $20,000 cash prize.

Then a week after the Plein Air Convention I hosted my WEST WIND FINE ART SPRING 2018 OPEN HOUSE in Colorado Springs, featuring oils by KATHY ANDERSON, NANCY GUZIK, DANIEL J. KEYS, JUDY STACH, one oil by CLYDE ASPEVIG, plus a few by my late husband, TIMOTHY R. THIES (pronounced like peace with a T)🎨

Pastel Colors Oil 12 x 20 D.J. Keys

“Pastel Colors” Oil 12″ x 20″ ©Daniel J. Keys 2018 -Sold at my Spring 2018 Opening!

Peony Harmony 20x16_2

“Peony Harmony” Oil 20″ x 16″ ©Nancy Guzik 2010 – Featured in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine’s June 2018 Floral Paintings issue titled, “Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May!”


Kathy Anderson April Daffodils: Oil 14x10

“April Daffodils” Oil 14″ x 10″ ©Kathy Anderson 2018 – Black frame with gold leaf filet

Yellow Roses with Irish Bread Plate

“Yellow Roses with Irish Bread Plate” Oil 16″ x 20″ ©Kathy Anderson 2018. 22 karat gold leaf, hand carved frame by John Anderson.


In additIon to the beautiful spring florals, my Open House featured Sea-Scapes by east coast painter Judy Stach. Judy’s work has been featured on the cover of  JERSEY SHORE MAGAZINE and she is Founder of Plein Air Painters of the Jersey Coast.

Windswept Waves 10 x 16 oil ©Judy Stach 2018

“Windswept Waves” Oil 10 x 16 ©Judy Stach 2018 – Custom 12 karat gold leaf frame.


Vineyard Sound Oil Clyde Aspevig jpg copy

“Vineyard Sound” Oil 10″ x 12″ ©Clyde Aspevig

“Vineyard Sound,” also featured in my Open House, is one of Clyde Aspevig’s Plein Air oils, painted during his visit to a private historic’s family Island off the Coast of Cape Cod. In addition, Clyde’s new exhibition titled, “NATURE’S CADENCE” is now at The Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, MT. In my opinion, Clyde Aspevig’s Landscapes are the finest in the world, so the show is not to be missed! For more information, please visit 

COMING THIS AUTUMN! I’m delighted to announce WEST WIND FINE ART’S TRIBUTE TO RICHARD SCHMID Event and Show in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Richard’s best selling book, ALLA PRIMA II.  I’m thrilled to curate this historic and unforgettable event!

VENUE: The Laumeister Art Center formally the Bennington Center for the Arts Address: 44 Gypsy Lane, Bennington, VT. DATES:  Sept. 22 & Sept. 23, 2018.

EVENT SCHEDULE: Sat.9/22–10:00 AM thru Sun. 9/23–3:00 PM. I’ve rented the Laumeister Art Center’s Main Galleries and 300 Seat Theatre. We’ll exhibit at least 10 of RICHARD SCHMID’S masterworks from private collections, and new oil paintings by Richard’s protege’s: NANCY GUZIK, KATHY ANDERSON, STEPHANIE BIRDSALL, SCOTT BURDICK, MICHELLE DUNAWAY, SUSAN LYON, and the late artist, TIMOTHY R. THIES.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON, 9/22 at 1:30 PM, I’m also hosting an educational Panel Discussion with six of the artists who graciously agreed to describe two of their favorite Schmid paintings in artistic terms. The selected Schmid artworks will be projected onto the Theater’s large screen so everyone can see closeups!

Following the panel discussion and short intermission, we’re delighted to premier The First RICHARD SCHMID FILM FESTIVAL and will feature THE SENATOR & THE ARTIST, an amazing and entertaining portrait demonstration by RICHARD SCHMID as he paints the late SENATOR JAMES JEFFORDS. It was filmed before a live audience at the Arkill Pavillon in Manchester, VT, circa 2001.

We’ll also show a short film, ABBOTSFORD HOUSE–THE CREATION OF A MASTERWORK by RICHARD SCHMID, plus a few other film shorts showcasing Richard’s paintings, Co-produced by KRISTEN THIES and NANCY GUZIK.

SUNDAY MORNING, 9/23 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, DANIEL J. KEYS will present an Informative LECTURE and STILL LIFE PAINTING DEMONSTRATION in the Art Center’s Theatre. Dan’s Demo. will also be projected onto the Theatre’s large screen.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The LAC, formally known as The Bennington Center for The Arts was generously donated by Bruce and Elizabeth Laumeister to Southern Vermont College in Jan. 2018. I want to acknowledge their long time advocacy of Fine Art and incredible gift to the Arts Community in America!

I also wish to thank DR. DAVID EVANS, PhD, President of Southern Vermont College as well as ERIC DESPARD, Executive Director, Laumeister Art Center and Assistant Professor & Director of Music at SVC, for their enthusiasm regarding our grand event.
Mr. Despard is also an accomplished classical guitarist.

Lastly, I am very grateful for our incredible sponsors:

To reserve your seat and to purchase tickets for the two day event, please visit:

Ticket price: $79.98 includes both days, 9/22 & 9/23.

Theater capacity is 300 seats. We’ve already sold many tickets, so please order your ticket now so you’re not disappointed.
Seating is on a first come-first serve basis. Please note we are not able to sell just one day tickets…

We look forward to seeing you during our grand and historic event.

Kristen - Christmas 2017
Curating Fine Art Collections With Integrity Since 1998










WINTER–Silence & Beauty

Kindness is like snow: It beautifies everything it covers.

–Kahlil Gibran

As the New Year begins, my thoughts are filled with the memory of winter’s quiet beauty.

I just returned from a Holiday trip to visit my cousin’s family at their exquisite log cabin on the banks of the Snake River in Idaho. On Christmas Eve I took a walk alone out towards the river. The air was crisp, the freshly fallen powder was deep, and all I could hear were sounds of the rushing river flowing down stream. A crescent moon glowed in the clear night sky shining light on my path back to the cabin. I experienced a sense of wonder and although these moments were fleeting, being soothed by nature’s beauty, filled me with immense gratitude.

I’m also grateful for snow filled days in Vermont, Connecticut, Montana as well as Idaho. Although the air is frigid, winter snowfall is simply magical. Fortunately, artists like Richard Schmid, Daniel J. Keys, and the late Timothy R. Thies loved to capture rare moments in oils painted directly from life in below freezing temperatures!

This little gem titled, “Winter Sketch,” painted by Richard Schmid in Gaylordsville, CT in 1967, captures the glint of sunlight and cast shadows on a lovely snowy day.  One of our friends, artist Clayton Beck who has painted with Richard over the years, told me that Richard’s thick stokes of paint are actually frozen on the surface!

Winter Sketch

“Winter Sketch” Oil 10″ x 14″ ©Richard Schmid 1967


Next: Richard painted his remarkably detailed Vermont landscape on location in 2007. The painting is featured in Richard’s latest book, The Landscapes – Enhanced Edition, and his caption for his oil reads, “I guess I like old houses so much, I can’t help giving them special attention.” 

Saxton's River Barn ©Richard Schmid 2007

“Saxton’s River Barn” Oil  7.75″ x 10″ ©Richard Schmid 2007.  On loan from the K.T. Wiedemann Foundation to the new Mark Arts Center in Wichita, KS.


“Montana Barns,”  a small winter landscape, was painted en plein aire by Daniel J. Keys. He created it during a painting trip with his artist friend, Tyler Murphy, owner of Montana Gallery in Billings, MT.  It was selected for the cover of Plein Air Magazine, and I sold it to a collector at a one-man show I hosted for Dan in Boston in 2014.

"Montana Barns" Oil 6" x 10" ©Daniel J. Keys 2014

“Montana Barns” Oil 6″ x 10″ ©Daniel J. Keys 2014


The following two plein aire landscapes are by the late Timothy R. Thies. He always loved painting snow-scapes even on the coldest winter days. This Maple tree on our land in Manchester Center, Vermont was a favorite source of inspiration. Tim of course didn’t paint the swans from life, but added them later on in his studio.

"Winter Maple"

“Winter Maple” oil 20″ x 24″ ©Timothy R. Thies 2001

Then one freezing day in February of 1999, Timothy went out in a snow storm to capture the view from a hill nearby our home/gallery in Manchester Center, Vermont.


“Vermont- Winter ’99”  Oil on panel ©Timothy R. Thies 1999

Timothy inscribed the back of the study: “Feb. ’99 Vermont, 20 degrees, blowing snow.
The snow was freezing to my palette. The crusty areas of paint are frozen snow and paint. © Thies 1999″

While looking for the exact title of this sketch in Timothy’s antique library card case, I came across a notebook with quotes I’d written down many, many years ago.

Timothy’s first teacher was Nelson Shanks and during his early studies, Nelson asked him to write down his purpose for being an artist. According to Tim, Shanks’ question never even dawned on him. Now years later, Tim’s words seem quite relevant to painting oils directly from life even on the chilliest of days…

“For me, the purpose of art is to tap into the great reservoir of creativity, to merge with
and sink into the pure joy of being an artist.
In sports its known as being in the zone. Infinite creative spirit is alive when all my senses merge into a space where time ceases and beauty resides.
It’s a place where honesty, innocence, and truth are valued. And, when we as artists tap into that deep and quiet pool we rise up refreshed and fulfilled.”- Timothy R. Thies 1999.

Although I greatly admire and respect artists who love painting snowscapes outdoors, I’m not fond of spending time outside on cold wintery days!

So, dear reader, since I prefer staying warm inside my home/studio with a hot cup of tea, I’m posting two of Nancy Guzik’s artworks that express my sentiments…

Nancy painted these two special oils of her late friend Janice, as she posed in Nancy’s Vermont studio.

IMG_4844 (1)

“Janice”  aka “Tea”  Oil 14″ x 12″ © Nancy Guzik 2004

C. 1. Winter_Tea_30x20_Nancy_Guzik_72dpiC

“Winter Tea” Oil 30″ x 20″ ©Nancy Guzik 2004

Her quintessential oil, “Winter Tea”  graces the catalog cover of Nancy’s one person show  I hosted for her in 2004. The painting now resides in the home of our long time friend and collector. To view more of Nancy Guzik’s oils, and to order her catalogs and DVD, please visit,

Wishing you a very magical New Year, filled with joy, creativity, friendship, great health, and lots of prosperity!

With love and gratitude, Kristen

Kristen - Christmas 2017

Kristen Thies Winter 2018






PS-If you’d like to be inspired by more of Richard’s paintings, please check out his newest book: THE LANDSCAPES – ENHANCED EDITION – 280 pages and 300 color plates.

The Landscapes- Enhanced Edition covertif copy
The large format book of Richard Schmid’s fifty year path as a landscape painter has been color enhanced using the latest state of the art printing technology and further enriched with added captions and many new original drawings in the margins.

This is the visual tale of an artist and his life-long romance with the colors and light of our earth. With delightfully candid narrative and over 300 full color images, Richard reveals what it is like to go out and capture life as it is happening! The reader will discover how landscape painting is unlike any other form of art; and that artistic skill is only one of the many abilities demanded.

Please go over to shopping cart to order.







“Earth laughs in flowers”-– Ralph Waldo Emerson

White Peonies and Poppies

White Peonies and Poppies Oil ©Kathy Anderson 2017

I had the pleasure of visiting the Denver Botanical Gardens with a special new friend. The profusion of colors and artfully designed flower beds charmed each of us, and I sensed that the mood of those touring the gardens seemed equally joyful!

In my opinion, Kathy Anderson’s still life and floral paintings evoke the same feelings. Her art brings delight to the viewer and I believe it’s because her oil paintings convey her passion for vivid colors, flowers, gardens, birds, and animals.

Early on Kathy learned gardening from her mother. “I have strong memories from my childhood home of red roses growing on a fence and white peonies planted in her beautiful garden beds.” She added, “So it was a natural transition for me to plant a garden when my husband John and I bought our first home.”

Kathy grew vegetables and flowers, canned and froze the produce, and painted the flowers–using water-color paints in those early days. “When I first started painting, birds and animals were my pre-dominant subjects along with flowers. Now, I’m feeling more and more inspired to include birds in my oils. I like to depict them as naturally as I can, sometimes hiding as they would be in their natural habitat.”

One example is Kathy’s new oil for our upcoming Autumn 2017 Show, Messengers of Joy.

Chickadee and Winterberry, 10x12 (2)

“Chickadee and Winterberry,” Oil 10×12 ©Kathy Anderson 2017  SOLD

And here’s another bird and still life painting, shown here in a 22 Karat- gold leaf frame.


“Blue Bird Song” Oil 9″ x 12″ ©Kathy Anderson 2016

In 2000, Richard Schmid purchased one of her oils at an outdoor art festival in Sherman, Connecticut where he was also giving a painting demonstration.  To her great delight, Richard invited Kathy to join the Putney Painters at the Village Arts of Putney! “In the ensuing years, Richard Schmid and his wife, artist Nancy Guzik have become life-long friends. They opened a world to me that I cherish.”

Nancy Richard and Kathycorrected copy photo by Kristen

Nancy Guzik, Richard Schmid and Kathy Anderson -Photo ©Kristen Thies 2015

When asked, for the name of her favorite flower Kathy replied, “Pansies are my favorite of course, followed by roses, but for me it’s more about following the blooming season–Spring daffodils, tulips, apple blossoms, lilacs, followed by peonies, and poppies.”

Blue McCoy and Lillies ©Kathy Anderson 2016

“Blue McCoy and Lillies” Oil 12″ x 9″ ©Kathy Anderson 2016

“In summer I grow zinnias, sweet pea, hollyhocks, nasturtiums, cosmos and then later on in the season, I love to see sunflowers and lillies in full bloom.”










In June 2017 I traveled out to Vermont to see Richard Schmid and the Putney Painters to celebrate Nancy Guzik’s Birthday. The peonies and poppies were stunningly beautiful!

I took this photo of Kathy painting her latest floral titled “A Love of Poppies.”

Kathy painting at PP

Kathy Anderson painting red poppies at the Putney Painters, Photo ©Kristen Thies June 2017

And here is an image of her finished oil!

Kathy Anderson-A Love of Poppies, 14x10

“A Love of Poppies” Oil 14″ x 10″ ©Kathy Anderson 2017  SOLD

To see more of Kathy’s paintings in person, please join us for West Wind Fine Art’s Autumn 2017 Show titled, Messengers of Joy. Kathy Anderson will be present at the Opening Artists’ reception at my gallery on October 7, 2017 in Colorado Springs.

For an invitation, please send me an email with your snail mail address.

In addition to Kathy’s new oils, our show will showcase paintings by Richard Schmid,  Nancy Guzik, Daniel J. Keys, and guest artists, Scott Burdick, Stephanie Birdsall, Michelle Dunaway, Susan Lyon, and British artist Sean Jefferson. We’re also proud to show bronze sculpture by George Carlson.

And new to our gallery, “Elk Forest Lodge Tables,” designed by Bob Fidel using burled Redwood and Elk antlers gathered by hand in the vast mountains of remote Montana. The tables are beautifully hand-crafted by his partner Rocky. For more info. please visit,

Wishing you and yours a beautiful late summer filled with laughter and joy!

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FRIENDSHIP & THE ARTS- Artists Painting Artists & Kristen Thies Podcast Interview with Tyler Murphy of Montana Gallery.

Throughout history, artists such as John Singer Sargent painted portraits or sketches of their artist friends. And, in so doing, Sargent’s works have inspired succeeding generations of painters.

Sargent painted “An Artist in His Studio,” in 1904 which was exhibited by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

After seeing the spectacular Sargent show at the MFA in 2013, I interviewed Richard Schmid to get his view point. Here’s Richard’s quote.

 “When I first knew I wanted to be an artist, I wasn’t really aware of the world of fine art or ever seen or heard of Sargent.

 When I joined William Mosby’s class at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, my goal was to become an illustrator. One day in 1954 Mosby took his class including me, to The Chicago Art Institute to see an exhibition of paintings by Sargent, Whistler, and Mary Cassatt. After viewing Sargent’s oil, “The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit,” and his other works I was completely smitten. 

 I shifted my whole purpose as an artist, and wanted to be an easel painter, Sargent changed my whole idea of art. I wanted to paint my world as it was happening, and I wanted to paint it as magnificently as he did. His paintings showed me how high a level of excellence dominated his work.”- Richard Schmid

 A new generation of artists are also inspired by Sargent’s paintings and since several of them are my close friends, I decided to post Part II of Artists Painting Artists, featuring oils by Daniel J. Keys, Tyler Murphy, and a drawing by Josh Clare. Plus, a couple of my favorite artworks by Nancy Guzik and Richard Schmid.

During a recent trip to Montana, I stopped by Tyler Murphy’s Montana Gallery in Billings where he invited me to be his 3rd guest on his Podcast, which according to Tyler, “Exists to share a little more about my friends in the arts.”

To listen to the live recording- Episode 3, Kristen Thies, please go over to

Here’s a few photos I took of Tyler as well as our visit to Loren Entz’s studio–his longtime artist friend and mentor.

Tyler in his studio

Tyler Murphy in his Montana Gallery /Studio.

Kristen & Loren Entz's in his studio

Myself visiting Loren Entz in his studio.

Lauren Entz &; Tyler

Lauren Entz and Tyler Murphy in Entz’s Studio











"Oil of Ryan Mellody"©Tyler Murphy

“Oil of Ryan Mellody”©Tyler Murphy


Josh Clare charcoal of Tyler copy

“Tyler Murphy” Charcoal drawing ©Josh Clare


“Tyler Murphy” Oil Sketch 16″x 12″ ©Daniel J. Keys 2014

“Tyler is one of my dearest friends, and also a skilled artist himself. We often find ourselves on what we refer to as painting “adventures” with our fellow artists, and spend much of our time painting the beautiful Montana landscape. From time to time however, we take turns sitting for portrait sessions. This is one of several Portrait sketches I’ve painted of Tyler. I completed this sketch in two sessions of twenty minutes each. It was quick sketch in order to capture the fleeting gesture and fading natural light coming through the studio windows.” -Daniel J. Keys 2017

 To see more art by what I term, “The next generation of artists,” represented by Montana Gallery, please go over to:

And, to see more paintings by the artists represented by my gallery, please go over to:

 In closing, here are a couple of oils of artist friends painted by Nancy Guzik and Richard Schmid…

Ryan Mellody and Song_NANCYGUZIK_2011_300dpi_10x12

“Ryan Mellody and Song” Oil 10″ x 12″ ©Nancy Guzik 2011


Nancy & Zorro Monochrome Oil 16" x 12"©Richard Schmid

“Nancy & Zorro” Monochrome Oil 16″ x 12″ ©Richard Schmid 2005

In addition, I’m excited and very pleased to announce a new 3 Day painting workshop:


Dates: August 25, 26, 27, 2017 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I’ll be posting the details on my web site soon. In the meantime, please save the date!


Thanks for stopping by…

Until next time I send you all my best,


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             “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

                                                                                                                   -Eleanor Roosevelt

After my wintertime get-away to experience Nature’s awesome silence and untouched beauty, I returned home to Colorado Springs to find myself surrounded by a barrage of constant political controversy. Even though I’m known as an art dealer, I consider myself to be a “social storyteller.” And, if you, like me have grown tired of social and political disharmony and long to take a time-out, I invite you to read my latest post– a behind the scenes account of long-time artistic friends, Richard Schmid, Nancy Guzik, Scott Burdick, Susan Lyon, and Michelle Dunaway.

A year or so ago, Scott, Susan, and Michelle visited Richard and Nancy’s New England studios and decided to paint together. Scott proposed the grand idea of filming Richard painting Michelle from life during an afternoon session. Richard was all in, and they set up and painted in Nancy’s beautiful north light studio.

During a break, Michelle wandered into the living room to the sounds of Richard playing piano. Here’s Michelle’s comments on her painting.

conversations-with-chopin“Conversations With Chopin” Oil © Michelle Dunaway 2017

“The day I witnessed this moment I was enchanted upon hearing Richard playing Chopin at the piano. I quietly sat and listened as he played with joy, skill, and his typical artistic enthusiasm. Listening to a favorite artist and friend play music by a favorite composer was a truly inspiring moment that I knew must be captured in paint. It was as though, through the lilting melody and rhythms of the piano concerto, a conversation was taking place between two friends, bridging the work of two great artists across time.”

After two days of filming and a year or so perfecting the sound track with professional film editing, their collaborative efforts resulted in a brand-new video download titled: RICHARD SCHMID PAINTS MICHELLE DUNAWAY. In addition, Richard’s portrait of Michelle graced one of the walls in The Retrospective Exhibition I hosted for Richard last September in Denver, Colorado.

Richard Schmid Paints Michelle Dunaway_©RichardSchmid2016

“Michelle Dunaway” Oil ©Richard Schmid 2014

When I told Richard about my idea for this new post, he asked me if I’d like a couple more images of his Portraits of Nancy. Needless to say, I graciously accepted…

The first is titled:

NANCY_PAINTING_oil on canvas_18x24_year_2000_

           “Nancy Painting” Oil 18″ x 24″ –

Page 58 of Alla Prima II, and the book cover image.©Richard Schmid.

The next is one of my all time favorites:

NANCY'S VELVET CAPE- detail 24x40       “Nancy’s Velvet Cape” Detail, Oil 24″ x 40″ -Page 261 of Alla Prima II. ©Richard Schmid.

Richard said of this piece:

“On a personal note, this is one of the many paintings I have done of Nancy on New Year’s Day as our way of celebrating. We alternate; one year I paint her, the next year she paints me.”

I then asked Nancy for a quote on what inspired her to create her painting of Richard during a trip to our friend’s Inn on Cape Cod.

Richard schmid Painitng on Cape Cod- Oil Nancy Guzik

“Richard Schmid Painting at the Beach Rose Inn on Cape Cod” Oil 14″ x 11″ 2014

“Capturing this awesome day, along with Richard creating his world on canvas, made my heart quicken and my confidence soar.” Nancy Guzik 2017

Although I didn’t get a specific quote from Richard regarding his own inspiration for painting people from life, I believe this beautifully written passage from his chapter titled, “The Magic” reveals his personal view on the subject.

“My painting draws me into what has captivated me. Sometimes when the concentration is intense, my canvas seems to take on an irresistible momentum, unfolding almost as if it had a life of its own, and I become lost in the spectacle of what is occurring. It is like the moment when a runner reaches his or her stride, and running becomes effortless, like flying. Those are heady moments indeed, times to be savored. They are always a dramatic reminder to me that skill is only one of the prerequisites–part of the setup to unleash a poetic act–and my painting, with all of its involvement and complication, seems merely a record of the event.” Page 292 of Alla Prima II.

The portraits posted here by Richard Schmid, Nancy Guzik, and Michelle Dunaway represent their silent moments of joy. And, I am extremely grateful for this time to savor their inspired expressions of immense skill and beauty.

I’m also delighted to announce Richard Schmid will be the recipient of an award of distinction from the Portrait Society of America during the PSA Conference on April 21. The 2017 Excellence in Fine Art Education Award will be presented by Edward Jonas, Co-Founder and Chair:

“Representational Realism flourishes today and into the twenty-first century because of the dedication of accomplished and seasoned masters, such as Richard Schmid, to teaching and mentoring a new generation of rising artists. Such unselfish sharing of wisdom and vision should not only be heralded but also recognized. It is in this spirit that the Portrait Society of America is presenting Richard with its 2017 Excellence in Fine Art Education Award.”

Portrait of Kristen Thies © Richard Schmid. 16 x 20jpg

“Portrait of Kristen Thies” Oil 16″ x 20″ ©Richard Schmid 2001

In conclusion, I’m also posting Richard’s portrait of myself inscribed: “For Kristen: The Dreamer.” I assure you I live my life by Eleanor Roosevelt’s noteworthy quote. I hope you too will never stop believing in the beauty of your dreams…

All my best,


For more inspiration and to view Richard Schmid’s and Nancy Guzik’s original oils, as well as paintings by Kathy Anderson, Clyde Aspevig, Carol Guzman, Daniel J. Keys, and Judy Stach, and bronze sculpture by George Carlson, please visit my web site

For more information on the new release of Scott Burdick’s film, please log onto

This production, videotaped by the artist and documentary filmmaker Scott Burdick, was initially done for Richard’s private archives. However, it was clear as the footage was reviewed, that this two-day session of Richard painting Michelle in the beautiful north light of Nancy Guzik’s studio, was far too valuable not to be shared with artists and art lovers worldwide.

The artists retain the copyright to their artwork worldwide…


“On a day when the wind is perfect,

the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty…

Today is such a day.” -Rumi

Today, I’ve been contemplating all of the Fine Art events I’ve hosted during my career. The beauty of Richard Schmid’s Retrospective Exhibition and Fundraising Luncheon, honoring Richard and Nature resides at the top!

The show was a huge success! My gallery West Wind Fine Art collaborated with Gallery 1261 and exhibited 33 of Richard’s paintings on loan from private collections and 5 of his exquisite new oils. “Water Lilies” is just one of my favorites:


“Water Lilies” Oil ©Richard Schmid 2016

To view all of Richard’s new paintings please go over to:

During September 23-25, the opening days of events, over 1000 art lovers visited the Exhibition held at Gallery 1261. And, over 220 special guests enjoyed a once in a life-time gathering with Richard Schmid as the guest of honor at the History Colorado Center in Denver.

The Saturday afternoon program included a delicious luncheon, the premier of the digital video I produced titled: A FASCINATION WITH NATURE: RICHARD SCHMID’S PAINTINGS OF COLORADO.  His oil, Aspen Forest- Rocky Mountain National Park , was just one of the many images in the 7 minute video. A shout out to Taaron Parsons and his brother for their professional video production work.static-screen-image

The program also included  an awards presentation and ended with a panel discussion. More details about the panel members below.

After the audience viewed my video, I invited Molly Schmid, Richard’s daughter and CEO of Stove Prairie Press to introduce Wes Rutt and Jon Stephens from the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department. The pair gave Richard an award of appreciation for his years of service and contributions to the exceptional fine art auction founded by Richard. Painting sales helped the RCVFC purchase Fire Engines used to protect the forests in Rist Canyon, Colorado.

Next, Nancy Guzik, President of Stove Prairie Press and national award wining artist delighted everyone with her introduction of Tim Newton, Executive Director of the Salmagundi Club in NYC. Mr. Newton presented Richard with an award of excellence and appreciation.

With my assistance, Richard Schmid contributed 100% of the sales proceeds from one of his paintings titled, “Joy.” Mr. Newton put the funds to good use towards the extensive renovation of the grand gallery. For more info. visit nancy-at-the-luncheon

Then,  Charley Money, Executive Director of The Rocky Mountain Conservancy of Estes Park, Colorado gave a short talk and video presentation on their efforts to purchase 42 acres of private land up for sale inside the boundaries of Rocky Mountain National Park. To view a video on the property known as The Cascade Cottages Centennial Campaign, please visit

-Aspen+Forest-+Rocky+Mountain+National+Park+Limited+Edition+Print+RGB mode ©Richard+Schmid+2016

“Aspen Forest- Rocky Mountain National Park” 12″ x 20″©Richard Schmid 2016~ Limited Edition of 100 sold out!

And best of all, I’m delighted to announce all 100 prints sold!  Together, Richard Schmid, myself and my gallery, West Wind Fine Art donated 100% of the sales proceeds to the R.M.C.  I’m grateful to the artists and collectors who purchased Richard’s prints. And, I’m especially appreciative to our major donors. Altogether, we raised $20,000 for the Rocky Mountain Conservancy’s worthy cause!

The event concluded with an inspiring panel discussion between artists, from left to right: Kathy Anderson, Daniel J. Keys, Quang Ho, Judy Stach,  and Scott Burdick.img_0069

In closing, I’m honored to know these grand and historic events helped to protect the beauty of one of America’s most beautiful and awe inspiring parks- Rocky Mountain National Park!  For more information and to make your own donation, please go over to

Or, if you wish to mail them a check, their address is: Rocky Mountain Conservancy, PO Box 3100, Estes Park, Colorado 80517

I’m also posting a few photos from the Richard Schmid Retrospective Exhibition and wish all followers to my blog a very Happy and Healthy Holiday season…

Hope you enjoy the photos!Version 3



My cousins Dr. Laurie Vervaecke, Peggy and Gene Jensen, Nancy Guzik and Richard Schmid and myself at the Private Preview Party.

Richard Schmid: A Retrospective Exhibition, opens to the Public next Saturday, Sept. 24 at 6:00 pm!

3035 Begonias 16x20-2

“Begonias and Blue Cup” oil 16″ x 20″ ©Richard Schmid 2014-2016

We are all extremely excited about our upcoming Exhibition with five of Richard Schmid’s new oils for sale. Plus over 33 paintings and drawings graciously loaned by private collectors nation wide. I’ve already pre-sold two paintings, but they will be on view during the show.

The historic and amazing Exhibition is presented by West Wind Fine Art and Gallery 1261 located at 1261 Delaware Street, Denver CO, just several blocks from the Denver Art Museum.

Please note, Gallery 1261 will not open until 6:00 pm on Saturday Sept. 24th. The show will only be up until October 1, 2016 so please don’t miss it!

We’re also pleased to announce that all the tickets to the Luncheon and Panel Discussion/ Fundraiser on 9/24 are sold out! However, Aspen Forest Rocky Mountain National Park, a limited edition autographed print by Richard Schmid will be for sale at the opening along with Alla Prima II and the Landscapes.  Image size of the print is 12″ x 20″ priced at $85 plus CO sales tax. There are 100 prints in this special edition and the proceeds will be donated to the Rocky Mountain Conservancy of Estes Park, CO.

The book signing will be on Sunday, Sept. 25 from 11:00 am until noon. It’s a rare chance to meet Richard Schmid and his wife, Nancy Guzik, so please join us.

We extend our gratitude to all of Richard Schmid’s collectors and fans!

I know it’s a show you will never forget!!

See you all soon…

Kristen Thies- Curating Fine Art Collections with Integrity Since 1998

To view other new oils please visit: