REFLECTIONS ON A TRIBUTE TO RICHARD SCHMID: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of his Best-Selling Books, Alla Prima I & II

“I view painting, and indeed all the arts, as a language: it is a very powerful means of saying something that cannot be expressed in any other way… It’s your path, do it joyfully.”

                                                                                 -Richard Schmid-New Hampshire Studio 2017

To mark the 20th Anniversary of the publication of Alla Prima I and II,  I hosted and curated A Tribute to Richard Schmid Show as an expression of gratitude to Richard. And also because bringing creative people together to share the beauty of fine art brings me great joy!

     The show, held at the Laumeister Art Center in Bennington, VT, consisted of thirteen masterworks by Richard Schmid on loan from private and museum collections, and five pieces from Richard and Nancy Guzik’s own collection that have rarely been seen by the public.

     The exhibition also included paintings and drawings by eight of Richard’s protégé’s – Nancy Guzik, Kathy Anderson, Stephanie Birdsall, Scott Burdick, Michelle Dunaway, Daniel J. Keys, Susan Lyon, and the late Timothy R. Thies.

     I also moderated a panel discussion with Scott, Susan, Stephanie, Kathy, Michelle, Daniel, and Nancy which brought to light two of their favorite Schmid paintings underscoring the reasons for their inspiration–Richard’s incomparable artistry, masterful drawing, handling of edges, values, and composition.

Kristen and The Artists on stage at Richard Schmid Tribute 9:22.18 jpeg

Kristen Thies, Daniel J. Keys, Kathy Anderson, Scott Burdick, Susan Lyon, Michele Dunaway, Noel Hemon (visiting artist from Switzerland), Nancy Guzik, Stephanie Birdsall, and Adriano & Daniela Trevisan (also visiting from Switzerland), on stage after the panel discussion with Richard Schmid’s portrait sketch, projected onto the large theatre screen.


Kathy, Michelle & Daniel- Panel Disussion 9-2-18

Kathy Anderson, Michelle Dunaway & Daniel Keys–Panel Discussion

Scott, Susan, Stephanie panel disussion 9-22-18

Scott Burdick, Susan Lyon & Stephanie Birdsall–Panel Discussion


Here are a few of my favorite photos highlighting the Exhibition:

Dan & his audience- Bennington, VT 2018 jpeg

Daniel J. Keys entertaining his audience during his digital lecture and demo. in the Laumeister Art Center’s Theatre. 9/23/18

Artists with Richard's portrait sketch of Symi Jackson

David Nichols, Kristen Thies, Susan Lyon, Scott Burdick, Kathy Anderson, Nancy Guzik holding Richard Schmid, Portrait Sketch of Symi Jackson of Rosemary & Co Brushes, Michelle Dunaway, Stephanie Birdsall, Julie Rosa, Carol and Grace Arnold.

Burdick Turquoise Shawl oil 14 by 11.jpeg

“Turquoise Shawl” Oil ©Scott Burdick 2018

“The Dance of Autumn Colors” Oil ©Scott Burdick 2018



“Yellow Bellied Sapsucker” & “Apple Blossoms in Tiffany” Oils by Kathy Anderson 2018

Obsessions & Just Because Oils ©Stephanie Birdsall 2018

“Obsessions” and “Just Because” Oils ©Stephanie Birdsall 2018


Daniel's oils in the show

Daniel Keys with “Dutch Bouquet, “Sunflowers & Peaches,” and “Pansies sketch oils in the show.


“Dorset Falls, “Winter Maple,” & Winter Birch, “Paintings by Timothy R. Thies with “Portrait Sketch of Tim Thies” ©Richard Schmid 2001, (2nd from left). 

Nancy Guzik with her oils in the show plus, "Enchantment gifted to the Laumeister Art Center in memory of Captain John Adams. jpg

Nancy Guzik with her oils in the show plus, “Enchantment” Oil 30″x 64″ gifted to the Laumeister Art Center’s permanent collection in memory of Captain John Adams. Donated by Rosemary & CO Brushes; West Wind Fine Art, LLC;  Judy & Paul Stach; Kathy & John Anderson; and The Putney Painters of Village Arts of Putney.


“Nancy in Rocky Mountain National Park” and Nancy Reading” ©Richard Schmid


“Sketch of Abbotsford-The Home of Sir Walter Scott” ©Richard Schmid 2012


“Nancy & Friends” Oil © Richard Schmid 2014  – A select few of Richard Schmid’s Oils in the Exhibition…

IMG_5494 (1)

“Rub My Tummy” and “Wishing Upon a Star,” Charcoal & White Chalk by Susan Lyon with Richard Schmid’s “Portrait Sketch of Susan Lyon.”

Apples oil ©Richard Schmid. jpg

“Apples” oil ©Richard Schmid on loan from the KT Wiedemann Foundation’s Collection–At Mark Arts, Wichita, KS

Nancy in Scotland Oil © Richard Schmid 2005

“Nancy in Scotland” Oil ©Richard Schmid- On loan from a Private Collection


Life Size “Portrait of Richard Schmid” Oil ©Michelle Dunaway 2018


Portrait Sketch of “Captain John Adams” – ©Richard Schmid 2001


“Captain John’s Orchard” Oil ©Richard Schmid 2016-Putney, VT


“Captain Adams House,”© Richard Schmid, on loan from a private collection.


Richard and Nancy in Wapole, NH copy

Richard Schmid & Nancy Guzik in their New England Garden–2017

In closing, I’m grateful to all the participating artists, to the great people at Southern Vermont College, President David Evans,  Eric Despard, and Kimberly Gould who run the Laumeister Art Center, to our generous Sponsors, The KT Wiedemann Foundation, Inc., Rosemary and Symi Jackson of Rosemary & CO Brushes, Josh Rose, Editor American Art Collector, and to Nancy Guzik and Molly Schmid of Stove Prairie Press, LLC.

Thanks to all of our collectors, Doug & Caroline Pringle, Judy & Paul Stach, Stephanie Birdsall Trust, The Kristen Thies Revocable Trust, Mary Linda & Jay Strotkamp, Penelope Adams, Founder Village Arts of Putney, and of course to Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik for the generous loan of their paintings….

For more inspiration please visit:

For information on new paintings & upcoming events, follow me on Instagram @kristenthies and Facebook.

All my best,

Kristen Thies–Curating Fine Art Collections With Integrity Since 1998

4 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS ON A TRIBUTE TO RICHARD SCHMID: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of his Best-Selling Books, Alla Prima I & II

  1. I think I’ve hit a gold mine this morning!!! It just blows my mind…I know it’s an older post but my goodness I’m in awe and totally jealous of everything and everyone 😀

  2. working for schatzwert, i have a feeling for beautiful art. Your collection on this blog is great art. These oil paintings, your work, going into the deep of the matter, i like that. Thanks that there are wonderful bloggers like you, who love and understand art. Paul

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